Niche Profit Classroom 5.0 Review

Online Webinar as Great Help in Understanding Online Business

When it comes to business, there is no such thing called easy way to be successful. In order to reach a success in managing a business, there will be many things to be considered from time to time. This is something that also applies to the online businesses. Many people have no experience in maintaining the business and will want to get all necessary information about maintaining business. Niche Profit Classroom 5.0 can become a good choice for anyone who has interest in establishing online business with high probability of being successful.

Learning Through the Online Classes and Forums

What is Niche Profit Classroom 5.0? This is not ordinary classroom. It is a special program made and brought to help the serious people who wish to get more successful in online business. It doesn’t matter if these people are still the newbie who know nothing. Everyone can learn through the webinar directly from the founder and creator of the program that will be done from time to time. Checking the webinar will be a great start. However, the webinar is only opened for limited number of people. If the limit of attendances has been reached, people need to wait for the next webinar.

What Will Be Learned Through the Webinar?

In the webinar, there will be things about being more successful in earning money through the internet. As easy as it might sound like, earning money through internet can be quite uneasy. Through the webinar, Niche Profit Classroom 5.0 will teach many things that basically divided into three highlights. You will learn about how to earn up to $1,500 per website. And you can create websites as many as you like.

  • Building New Website Fast
    One of the main obstacles for the newbie is building new websites. Certainly, hiring web designers can solve the problem of building new websites. However, as constant updates need to be done and new websites will be necessary; knowing how to build websites fast without hassle will be a good thing.
  • Get Immediate Traffic
    Websites with high traffic are always a great thing to be had in an online business. However, the traffic being high alone is not enough. In order to earn profit, the quality of the traffic will need to be good as well. How to get high traffic with good quality? This section will tell more.
  • Putting 100% Auto Pilot to the Website
    When maintaining multiple websites can be quite a difficult thing to be done, the auto pilot mode will become a great help. The problem is not many people know how. In this third section of Niche Profit Classroom 5.0 will tell more about it.

Every day is a learning process. Attending more classes or webinar will actually be a great thing to learn more. In addition to that, the online forums of Niche Profit Classroom 5.0 are offering great support from fellow businessmen who have more expertise in maintaining the online business. Overall, the webinar and the forums really support everyone who has interest. Niche Profit Classroom 5.0 can be a great choice in understanding about earning money though online websites more.

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Visual Marketing On Social Media

What is visual marketing? It is a method of utilizing visual aids to communicate your audience about your business or products or services by using design elements and graphics. And why is it important? An image attracts:
1. busy people who wouldn’t take tke time to read long content.
2. foreign people who don’t understand a local language to read.

So an image or few images can help people to understand content or message which you convey.

I would like to talk about a fact about visual marketing on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Check out Pictures, Links Most Likely To Be Shared


A statistic about “Social Media Content Most Likely to be Shared”, it shows that most people prefer to check pictures or photos than other content kind like links, quotes, videos, etc. High quality infographics are read 10x more than the text only contents.

And SocialBakers shows about photos get the most action 93% on Facebook. In Facebook, more than 90% of information communicated to people is graphic. And photos get 2 – 3x more than text only updates.

How To Leverage Visual Marketing for Your Online Business

There are many internet marketing kinds you can use to promote with the visual marketing. Blogging, social media, video marketing, emailing, press releases, etc. the social media is most frequently accessed people daily through PC, laptop and mobile while they are working or relaxing or having other activity.

I give few case studies with visual marketing on social media:

  1. Twitter @OMGFacts is always updating with new photos daily. Now it has 6.41 million followers.

  2. Facebook – Boom Social with Kim Garst is with 107K likes and social media niche. It also always updates new images or photos.

Social media is a must to have in the social media era. You can choose one or few of few social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google + or others. If you don’t have images for uploading to the social media, you can take many images from, but make sure these images are without copyright.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the copyright.

If you are concerned about the copyright… try to search free images on Pixabay, Morgue File and

To get loads of new followers without spending a single penny, you need to be persistent and focus one method in first few weeks. Of course, you can’t get thousands of followers in the first day for free, you need many days to take action daily… in generating traffic between 2 – 3 months to take them.

And how about monetization with this method? Can you monetize the visual marketing on social media? Of course! You need to get enough amount of targeted followers who based on a niche, then you can promote products. If you don’t have products, you can try affiliate programs to promote e.g: ClickBank, CJ, LinkShare, etc. To find more affiliate programs, you can do googling it. After getting thousands of followers or likes with proper method, you can monetize them and earn US$ x,xxx monthly.

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Youtube’s Videos on Top 10 of Google = $$$$

If you do googling for any keyword, you will see many Youtube’s videos on Google’s top 10. If you can grab top 10 for profitable & monetizing keywords with many Youtube’s videos, you have potential to get massive sales. Then you will have a lot of profits or commissions. If you can rank a Youtube’s video in less than 2 weeks for making money, why not?

To the points of strategy:

  • Niche / keyword: Do keyword researching with Adwords’s Keyword Planner for finding UNTAPPED niches / keywords which have high search volume. Forget saturated niches such as make money, weight loss, download, etc because these niches are hard to rank at Google. This task is very critical, it determines you can rank a keyword or you waste your time. The criteria as follow: at least 1,000 searches monthly, so you have potential to get 10%-50% of the searches if a video get the top 10 at Google.
  • Monetizing: Adsense is not only media to monetize. There are a lot of ways to monetize such as affiliate programs, CPA networks. e.g:, ShareASale, Peerfly,, ClickBooth, NeverBlue, MaxBounty, and more. To search affiliate programs or CPA networks, you can do googling.
  • Creating a video: After you find a keyword and affiliate product / CPA, the next step is creating a video. By using video creation software – Leawo’s PowerPoint to VideoPro (this is free trial version). If you can’t afford to create a video yourself, you can hire someone to create a video through for you.
  • Uploading a video to – Make sure that you have an account at before start to upload a video to For the description field, put aff link into it. Before putting aff link, do url shortening aff link firstly. or (owned by Google) or your own domain name (if you know about how to do it).
  • Backlinks – Acquire around 250 backlinks from article directories, blog posts, and social bookmarks. All backlinks are low quality, there is no problem because backlinks toward to a video, instead of a moneysite. This is safe, a Youtube’s video never get deindexed by Google except the video get deleted on For article directories & blogposts – before submit one or two articles to them, make sure to spin an existing article firstly up to at least 70% uniqueness spun – The Best Spinner. Consider GSA Search Engine Ranker to speed the process in link building up to hundreds or even thousands of backlinks. By using this submission tool, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in comparison to hiring someone to build backlinks if you are intended to build backlinks toward many videos. This is highly RECOMMENDED!
  • Wait the video get the top 10 at Google in between 1 – 2 weeks. Then watch sales in next few days.
  • For another keyword, you can repeat the same process above.

If you find proper keywords which can be ranked with this method for many videos, then you can make more $1,000 monthly. Not only one month, but also monthly – at least one year. So why keyword researching is very critical of entire technique.

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