Youtube’s Videos on Top 10 of Google = $$$$

If you do googling for any keyword, you will see many Youtube’s videos on Google’s top 10. If you can grab top 10 for profitable & monetizing keywords with many Youtube’s videos, you have potential to get massive sales. Then you will have a lot of profits or commissions. If you can rank a Youtube’s video in less than 2 weeks for making money, why not?

To the points of strategy:

  • Niche / keyword: Do keyword researching with Adwords’s Keyword Planner for finding UNTAPPED niches / keywords which have high search volume. Forget saturated niches such as make money, weight loss, download, etc because these niches are hard to rank at Google. This task is very critical, it determines you can rank a keyword or you waste your time. The criteria as follow: at least 1,000 searches monthly, so you have potential to get 10%-50% of the searches if a video get the top 10 at Google.
  • Monetizing: Adsense is not only media to monetize. There are a lot of ways to monetize such as affiliate programs, CPA networks. e.g:, ShareASale, Peerfly,, ClickBooth, NeverBlue, MaxBounty, and more. To search affiliate programs or CPA networks, you can do googling.
  • Creating a video: After you find a keyword and affiliate product / CPA, the next step is creating a video. By using video creation software – Leawo’s PowerPoint to VideoPro (this is free trial version). If you can’t afford to create a video yourself, you can hire someone to create a video through for you.
  • Uploading a video to – Make sure that you have an account at before start to upload a video to For the description field, put aff link into it. Before putting aff link, do url shortening aff link firstly. or (owned by Google) or your own domain name (if you know about how to do it).
  • Backlinks – Acquire around 250 backlinks from article directories, blog posts, and social bookmarks. All backlinks are low quality, there is no problem because backlinks toward to a video, instead of a moneysite. This is safe, a Youtube’s video never get deindexed by Google except the video get deleted on For article directories & blogposts – before submit one or two articles to them, make sure to spin an existing article firstly up to at least 70% uniqueness spun – The Best Spinner. Consider GSA Search Engine Ranker to speed the process in link building up to hundreds or even thousands of backlinks. By using this submission tool, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in comparison to hiring someone to build backlinks if you are intended to build backlinks toward many videos. This is highly RECOMMENDED!
  • Wait the video get the top 10 at Google in between 1 – 2 weeks. Then watch sales in next few days.
  • For another keyword, you can repeat the same process above.

If you find proper keywords which can be ranked with this method for many videos, then you can make more $1,000 monthly. Not only one month, but also monthly – at least one year. So why keyword researching is very critical of entire technique.

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Buy High PR Backlinks

Most top internet marketers in internet marketing understand too effectively that inbound links are very important for his or her search engine optimization. Becoming ranked effectively in search engines like Google implies you need high good quality backlinks. Backlinking to your website in many ways. Some entrepreneurs tends to invest in a lot of low top quality backlinks contemplating if they obtain plenty of these kind of their optimization will increased, but that’s false. It is better to possess a few very good high quality back links linking back to your web site rather than possessing thousands of back links that are of the lower quality.

High PR Backlinks – Several proven ways to make them for your internet site

There are numerous backlink websites online which you could go to find plenty of inbound links to your website, nonetheless, you must be mindful which ones you utilize because acquiring backlinks through sites including link facilities can do a lot more damage to the page ranking compared to getting it’s unlikely that any at all. A good thing to keep in brain is that Yahoo and Google tends to become more favorable to web sites that are associated to authority websites.

Best advice. If the website is an expert website using a high page rank, then you need to really only take into account exchanging back links with similar websites with the same page ranking or higher and increased preferably.

High PR Backlinks – An useful hint that’s not well-known

Finding high quality sites so you can get backlinks might be tedious operate; however, you may get add-ons for some internet browsers such as Safari that will help you to uncover these sites faster. You can also move to Google and check for internet or internet sites in your industry using connected keywords. Whatever you are searching for will be high quality internet sites with a high PR that are Do Follow, nevertheless, not all websites are. Another good way to get high quality inbound links is to strategy a fixed website owner and have to buy a backlink in his site. This method may not be well known nevertheless is used by so many top online marketers to get their internet sites ranked high in engines like Google with good success.

There are several websites online nowadays that are specially built and also maintained until finally they get a high Page Rank to the sole intent behind selling back links from. One word of extreme care, there are some of these sites in which are selling undesirable backlinks, that will do much more damage on your Page Rank when compared with good, nevertheless, there are a great deal that gives great value. You just need to keep the wits with regards to you.

Be very careful in the event you decide to drop this option. Google don’t take on kindly to backlink acquiring, and will place a slap in your site driving under the influence caught. All things considered, you don’t want to shed everything you operate so hard with regard to by trying to defraud the system.

As well as my last tip. When you can afford this, it might be recommended to outsource your own backlink getting, this may free up your moment to spend on traffic generation to your site.

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Stefanus Sandy – JeunesseGlobal’s New Diamond

On March 31, 2013 around 11:00 PM (GMT +7), Ivan – the Stefanus Sandy nickname, successfully reached Diamond rank at JeunesseGlobal. He is first Jeunesse’s Diamond in Indonesia and 9th in the world.

About 2 years ago, Ivan sponsored by Jenny Prasetyo and he started his networking business. In first month, he reached the rank of Sapphire. In the third month, he reached the rank of Ruby and the Emerald in the sixth month. In the first 6 months, Ivan got an accumulated commissions totaling around US$100,000 from Jeunesse. Over the past 2 years he has run the business, he got a total commission accumulation over US$500,000. He was targeting Diamond rank in July 2012, the target was missed. However finally he reached the rank Diamond.

Currently Ivan’s network is around 13,000 members, mostly from Indonesia and the remaining 10% are other nations. Within the group there are some who ranked Sapphire. The success of Ivan is inseparable from the support of the Jeunesse’s company which headquartered in Florida, USA and products that are high quality, Luminesce’s anti aging and Reserve’s food supplement and both brands are the backbone of the Ivan’s network. As the aging of human skin, then both Luminesce and Reserve are indispensable to slow the face aging and so people look younger. Day after day, Ivan’s network continues to grow.

Congratulations to Mr. Ivan! And the pride of Indonesia in the eyes of the world.

Are you the next Diamond? Not too late to start this business, never too late for this. For more information, how to start the business – please visit to Global Business Opportunity

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